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Poltrona Frau is an italian company that introduces the Italian leather furniture with high quality to the world and in 2012 it has completed its first century of life. Being Poltrona Frau means much more: it means knowing the materials, such as wood, metal in a best way possible and the exclusive Pelle Frau®, as we continue to respect tradition, knowing how to express contemporaneity, investing in design, believing in architecture, working with big brands, creating space for communicate, doing research and accepting the challenges of big industrialized.
Contribute, through the furnishings, to give a strong personality to the living space: it means knowing how to compare on several aspects at the same time, the houses and the airplanes; workplaces and large public spaces; the objects and the cars.
Proposing Poltrona Frau  means to continue to change the way of understanding to how to be our selves; Come and visit us in our Poltrona Frau showroom in Via Genova 25 in Piacenza, we will lead you to the knowledge of some of the most important leather, fabric, or wood objects made with innovative materials, ranging from beds to sofas, armchairs and accessories. from office furniture to chairs.

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