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Carlo Ponzini, is not just an architect. "In 1990 - he explains - I opened a company of graphic images, the C & P, which specialized in coordinated image. It is not just graphic, but coordinates the graphics with the architecture and the business of the companies. Too often I found that the logos of the companies were completely disconnected from the company itself. The brand must be one with the company ". But how was Carlo Ponzini graphic affair has been born? "From a request made to me by the president of the Banca di Piacenza Sforza Fogliani, who after giving me the task of arranging the headquarters of via Mazzini (Piacenza-Italy), entrusted me with the task of studying a new logo for the Bank. I began to think what could be the reference that bound it to the territory itself. Instinctively, thinking of Piacenza, I thought that Piazza Cavalli and the Gothic were the elements of identity would be suitable. Thus the Bank logo was born from a study of the Gothic blackbird ". From the logo studies an "exciting path" of image coordination started, which led me to draw paychecks, calendars, agendas,ties, notepads, forms for payments. All coordinated with the activity of architect-designer who had led me to think about the spatiality of the central office, playing on ceiling volumes and drawing counters, desks and chairs ". So almost naturally the architect Ponzini found himself managing the corporate image of a company and from there he started an activity that led him to create for international companies: Vittoria, which produces bicycle tires, Atala, which makes bicycles; then in the perfume and furnishing sector (his catalog of the Frau armchair); also the personalization of the Università Cattolica logo. "I like to conclude by mentioning one of the last logos I created, that of Auto Program, which I found, with pleasure, to be included among the Salita al Pordenone sponsors".

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